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    MÒR. Scots Gaelic for big and great. For us, that equates to impactful action with a clear purpose.


    This website serves as a simple window on our world, so why not take a quick look through our work in the equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) field, our content creation and storytelling activities, as well as our community engagement efforts.


    Each area of activity is distinctly different but the goal is the same: unlocking human potential.


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    Building EDI confidence in work, sport and public life

    From equality, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing audits and strategy, to leadership and resilience training - we offer professional services to help unlock the human potential of organisations.

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    Making connections through diverse storytelling

    Connecting humans and amplifying the voices of those who are often unheard - we have the expertise and passion for intimate storytelling and sharing lived experiences through a variety of mediums - film, audio and the written word.

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    Riding bicycles to build community, confidence, strength and resilience

    Getting outside is good for mental and physical health; it builds community and confidence, strength and resilience in everyday life. As a social enterprise founded by a passionate collective of professional mountain bike coaches, guides and diversity and inclusion experts, we share a common philosophy and a single purpose - to share that opportunity and connect humans with nature through cycling and mountain biking.


    We are a growing partnershp of like-minded and talented individuals working creatively to achieve our, and our clients' aims within our respective fields of EDI, media and wellbeing.

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    Aneela McKenna

    EDI Lead

    Consultant, entrepreneur, mountain bike coach, guide and mentor - Aneela's an award-winning equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) change-maker working globally. She is founder of the successful Mòr Diversity Consultancy, D&I Lead for the 2023 UCI Cycling World Champs, chair of British Cycling D&I Advisory Group, Board member of Scottish Cycling’s Participation and Development Committee and partner of Go-Where Scotland MTB adventure outfitters.


    Aneela works across all sectors with a special focus on the outdoors and cycling. Her personal life is an extension of the professional one - she co-founded the Tweed Valley Trails Association, FNY Collective and MissAdventures (women and girls MTB advocacy groups), as well as the MTB Colour Collective in the UK.

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    Andy McKenna

    Commercial Lead // Producer

    Andy manages all commercial aspects of the Partnership but his particular passion is for telling intimate stories which capture the imagination. Specifically, he recognises the healing power of bicycles; Andy’s fire for mountain biking was lit in the mid 80s, sparking a lifelong journey of two-wheeled adventure.


    Andy was, however, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2007 and whilst this incurable neurological condition has robbed him of some things, it’s lit a new fire - directing stories that connect humans and lead us all to look in the mirror and reflect on what’s important in life. Recent credits include Evolution Stories (2023/24), Evolution (2022), After the Storm (2021), The Walking Stick (2021) and This Way Up (2017).

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    Andy McCandlish

    Photographer // Cinematographer

    After graduating with an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering from Strathclyde University, Andy started working life not engineering, but pursuing his passion for photography. Shooting mountain bikes for national magazines back in the early 90s was the beginning, but it has grown exponentially and he has now been a professional photographer for over 20 years.

    Moving into video was a natural progression and he has spent the last six years accruing experience in both shooting and editing. This has led him to work with TV productions as diverse as Supermarket Secrets, The Adventure Show, Roads Less Travelled and Landward among many more commercial shoots. A qualified drone operator he brings the complete shooting package to any production.

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    Natalie Shering

    Leadership & Wellbeing Associate

    Natalie’s broad range of corporate and public sector experience - with particular expertise in Healthcare – comes from over twenty five years of working within the NHS and with many global pharmaceutical companies.


    A lifelong networker, she is adept at connecting leaders across and within organisations to drive collaboration, diversity and inclusivity. Natalie specialises in supporting individuals and teams to solve difficult challenges through the processes of reflecting, connecting, creating and collaborating. Natalie brings her passion for photography into her work with leaders, helping them connect to nature and tap into the power of their own creativity.

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    Soraya Abdel-Hadi

    EDI Associate

     Soraya Abdel-Hadi has worked in the outdoor sector for most of her career in roles including equestrian journalism, climbing instruction and expedition planning.


    With a business and sustainability background, in 2020 she founded All The Elements CIC - a community interest company supporting those working to increase diversity in the UK outdoors. All The Elements is centred on the community leaders creating positive change on representation and access across all diversity areas, from ethnicity and race, to limited financial means, age, gender identity and sexuality, and more.

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    Shgufta Anwar

    EDI Associate

    Shgufta’s passion for cycling started when she ran a climate change project for a Muslim women’s charity for nearly five years. She with her pal Mahnoor ( who got her into cycling) developed a cycling hub, working with hundreds of women and children and the project developed into a regular cycling group, the Hijabi Riders. Shgufta has seen first hand the need for more specific support for women, particularly those from backgrounds and cultures where cycling is not the norm for women. She spent four and a half years at Glasgow’s biggest cycling charity (Bike for Good) where her most enjoyable time was engaging women (particularly women of colour) to take up cycling, as she understands the barriers women can experience and shares how she overcame them. She has since set up and runs Women on Wheels in with an aim to actively challenge the gender bias in cycling.



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